Formula Enterprise

Jim-Farley-300x200The Formula Enterprise (FE) is an open wheel, open cockpit, purpose built race car manufactured by SCCA Enterprises and assembled by Motion Dynamics Racing. Over 200 FEs have been delivered by Enterprises and the FE currently enjoys the unique status of being the fastest growing open wheel classes in North America. The cars currently compete in Sports Car Club of America Regional, National and Professional road racing championships. The cars are being raced nearly every weekend by amateurs and professionals alike at venues such as New Hamphsire International Speedway, Lime Rock, Laguna Seca, Sears Point, Road America, Watkins Glen, Virginia International Raceway, Road Atlanta, and many other tracks throughout the United States and Canada.

n58448556501_2139813_5358690-300x224Every Formula Enterprise is a one design, fixed specification car. Engines and transmissions are sealed to prevent enhancements that are not allowed by the rules. With all cars the same, a premium is put on driver ability and competition rather than on who spends the most money. The FE has put an end to the constant search for the next costly improvement and allows you to focus on learning to be the best driver you can be.

Why Formula Enterprise?

IMG_0097-300x177FEs are one of the most economical & competitive open wheel classes in the SCCA. SCCA Enterprises has established a comprehensive track side support through Motion Dynamics or other Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) throughout the United States which means if you get transferred across country, you will have the support you need to continue racing your car.

You can go from your first drivers school to Professional racing in the exact same car with NO MODIFICATIONS!

Money does not buy speed. All FE motors are dyno tested and all parts are sealed so that the racing is equal and highly competitive. Plus, with the largest fields of racers at all levels, there is always someone to race with.


Contact Motion Dynamics today for information on new & used FE sales, race weekend rental programs and driver schools. Check out our race schedule & stop by the Motion Dynamics Trailer on any race weekend to meet our crew and see our operation first hand.


Mazda 2.3 Liter sealed engine
Twin cam, 16 valve
Electronic fuel ignition by MBE
180 Horsepower
Elite sequential gearbox – 5 speed – one set of gears only

Advanced push rod activated system operating on wide based oval section wishbones with the latest anti-intrusion bars

Fully adjustable front anti roll bar
Alloy casting, heat treated uprights with large diameter angular contact bearings
4 shock system – Rebound adjustable sealed Penske

Multi tubular steel spaceframe extensively braced in the cockpit and foot well areas.

Formula 1 design features of a high nose, deep side pods and an engine cover with an air intake encompassing the roll hoop

Lightweight double acting calipers with large diameter discs all around
Cockpit adjustable brake bias

Front 8 x 13
Rear 10 x 13
One piece aluminum Oz center lock rims

Club Level: Hoosier R45 Bias Ply Slick

Wheel base – 98″
Front track – 62″
Rear track – 53″
Dry weight – Estimated 900 lbs. Formula car without driver
Estimated 1000 lbs. Sports Racer car without driver

Front wing – Full width, adjustable, composite flaps
Rear wing – Two upper elements, lower element mounted on gearbox, composite end plates
Bottom – Flat (no ground effects)

Front splitter – Adjustable
Rear Wing – Single element, adjustable
Bottom – Flat (no ground effects)

Body panels come in six colors: white; blue; red; yellow; green; and black. Color may be specified at the time of chassis order. Enterprises, in the interest of cost containment, will only inventory white replacement panels. Colored replacement orders may be placed, but will require an extended delivery time.

Detachable steering wheel
Van Diemen rack and pinion unit
Dry cell battery
On-board 2.5 kg fire system
Six point safety harness
Fuel tank mounted behind the driver’s seat – 7 gallon
Twin high efficiency aluminum radiators with low drag coefficients, one in each side pod


Formula – Call
Sports Racer – Call

The difference in cost between the two cars is directly related to the bodies. The formula body is less expensive then the sports racer body. It is estimated that approximately three hours will be required to switch bodies on the cars. If the purchaser expects to participate in both the Formula and Sports Racer classes then it is suggested that the sports racer version be purchased with a spare formula body for overall cost savings.

FREIGHT – Purchasers responsibility
Down payment on order – 25%
Final payment before shipment – 75% + freight
Some correct and many false rumors have surrounded the pricing of this car.
Prices have increased with a change from a 4 speed gearbox to a six speed sequential gearbox, replacement of the originally proposed engine with the new 2.3-Liter engine, general reliability and performance enhancements and a large increase in the conversion rate for the pound since discussions first started.
Final prices will be held for a minimum one-year period.

Prices will be quoted based on the current conversion rate. Final payment will be adjusted to the actual conversion rate at the time the final payment is made.

All purchases will be covered by a purchase contract that stipulates all aspects of the purchase. The purchase contract will allow a 30-day period for cancellation with no penalty and all deposits or payments returned. If you cancel after this 30-day period, you forfeit your deposit and must pay all shipping fees.

The buyer pays all freight and shipping costs. Freight rates are estimated to be $1,200 to $1,700 by sea and land depending on the delivery zip code. Airfreight of the chassis is available to the purchaser. Pick-ups at the manufacturer can be arranged but sales tax will have to be paid by the buyer.

To maintain the lowest cost possible, there is no money built into the car price for the absorption of credit card fees. A credit card number will be accepted as down payment at the signing of the purchase contract in order to hold a delivery spot. A replacement check must be presented within ten working days for the delivery spot to be maintained.