Spec Racer Ford

Rick-Cipriani1-300x200The Spec Racer Ford (SRF) is a closed wheel, open cockpit, purpose built race car manufactured by SCCA Enterprises and assembled by Motion Dynamics Racing. Over 930 SRFs have been delivered by Enterprises and the SRF currently enjoys the unique status of being the largest class of purpose built road racing cars in North America. The cars currently compete in Sports Car Club of America Regional, National and Professional road racing championships. The cars are being raced nearly every weekend by amateurs and professionals alike at venues such as New Hampshire International Speedway, Lime Rock, Sebring, Sears Point, Road America, Watkins Glen, Virginia International Raceway, Road Atlanta, and many other tracks throughout the United States and Canada.

Rich-Wiehl-300x200Every Spec Racer Ford is a one design, fixed specification car. Engines and transmissions are sealed to prevent enhancements that are not allowed by the rules. With all cars the same, a premium is put on driver ability and competition rather than on who spends the most money. The Spec Racer Ford has put an end to the constant search for the next costly improvement and allows you to focus on learning to be the best driver you can be.


  • Tube Frame Chassis
  • Ford 1.6 Liter Fuel Injected DOHC 16 Valve Four Cylinder Approx 136 HP at Rear Wheels
  • Ford 5-speed manual transmission
  • Custom exhaust
  • Electronic engine management system
  • 92″ wheel base
  • 1560 lbs. including driver
  • 3 piece fiberglass body
  • 136 HP (+/- approx. 2 HP)
  • 150 MPH top speed

Why Spec Racer Ford?

SRFs are one of the most economical & competitive classes in the SCCA. SCCA Enterprises has established a comprehensive track side support through Motion Dynamics or other Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) throughout the United States which means if you get transferred across country, you will have the support you need to continue racing your car.

You can go from your first drivers school to Professional racing in the same exact car with NO MODIFICATIONS!

Money does not buy speed. All SRF motors are dyno tested and all parts are sealed so that the racing is equal and highly competitive. Plus, with the largest fields of racers at all levels, there is always someone to race with.

Contact Motion Dynamics today for information on new & used SRF sales, race weekend rental programs and driver schools. Check out our race schedule & stop by the Motion Dynamics Trailer on any race weekend to meet our crew and see our operation first hand.